MHPB Pinto is for 7 and 8 year-old players. This division is designed to further teach the basic fundamentals of baseball as well as introduce players to a more competitive level of play with emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship. More advanced rules will be introduced throughout the season based on skill level of each division with a combination of player and coach pitch. Each player will receive a hat and jersey. No standings will be kept.

In order for us to draft balanced teams, all players must attend player evaluations. If a player is not able to make the Player evaluation day parents should contact the Pinto DR’s listed on the website ahead of time to make other arrangements. . A make-up evaluation may be scheduled. Players who wish to challenge up to a higher division must attend player evaluations. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Division Representatives and the Player Agent subsequently “draft” players based on the results of the pre-season evaluations.


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