Morgan Hill Pony Baseball (MHPB) is committed to providing talented baseball players with a Club Ball option. The MHPB Club Ball program is designed for players who consistently demonstrate advanced baseball skills.

Our Club Ball teams demand a lot of time from their players and coaches. If you like spending your weekends playing baseball this program is for you. These players have good baseball knowledge, demonstrate proper mechanics, and always work hard to help their team win.

All MHPB Club Ball teams will play under the name of “Morgan Hill Club”. Players who wish to play on a MHPB Club Ball team must also be registered on a MHPB regular Spring season team and follow regular season participation rules stated in MHPB League Rules.

Players who wish to play on a Club Ball team must attend a Club Ball team tryout. Club Ball teams have no minimum play time rule. Club Ball fees are additional fees to regular season fees. Club Ball teams will have separate uniforms from regular Spring season teams. Club Ball teams will follow Pony National Tournament Rules while still following MHPB pitching rules.

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